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iBid. the new way to buy Cars. iBid. is a Online Carauction especially for Malta and Gozo. You have to be a registered Cardealer to be able to Place a bid. Register with our Register Form and get a Member of today. All Vehicles are checked by a 30 Point checklist, all Cars are well documented and test rided. All Auctions are with a couple of Pictures and a Video. Bid today on Maltas Online Car Auction. And be able to get your Cars in Malta by a Online Autoauction. Get Vehicles from Part exchanges, Damaged Cars from Insurances, Fleet Cars or TM secured Cars. To buy Cars wasn’t easier before.

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iBid. Car Auction Malta

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    Autoauction Car Auction for Malta, Maltese Cars on Stock. Find and bid on your next Car. Register today, and enjoy our Special Deals.

    iBid. Car Auction Malta

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