Frequently Asked Questions

Fill in the Register Form, and sent it. We will check all your details, after we finish the check, you will get the onetime Deposit Invoice (350€ excl. VAT) and the yearly Register Fee Invoice (150€ excl. VAT). After it arrives on Our Bank Account, we will Email your Register Datas.

Yearly Register/Dealer Fee – 149,00 €

Document handling Fee –  23,99 € (Garaging, Document Postsending)

Selling Fee – 3% of selling Price (Minimum 34,99 €/Car)

After successful Registration and you are Logged in at you are able to find a Car of your interests. Please read carefully the descriptions and the Attached Reports. See all the pictures and listen to the Video. Now you fill in your Maximum bid, and hope.

Good Luck

Yes, because we just accept Professional Cardealers, at the moment.

After successfull biddings you get a Car Invoice, if the Invoice is paid to our Bank Account, you will get a Pick up Confirmation with the Pick up Address.

This security deposit, is for your and iBid´s Clients security. We block with this fun bidders from our Marketplace.

The Auctions are visible just for Registered and Logged in Dealer.